wi -fi in the city

20 July 2023

There are 10 free Internet access points in the city.

Hotspots have been located in critical points, i.e.:

- Tysiąclecia Square park;
- Open Activity Zone at Nadstawna Street;
- Open Activity Zone / Orlik - Grunwaldzka Street;
- "Old Park" - Senatorska Street;
- pump truck - Szpitalna Street;
- gardens at the Monastery Complex in Szczuczyn;
- courtyard in front of the Cultural Center Library at Łomżyńska Street;
- area of ​​the Local Product Center - Kościelna Street;
- area of ​​the Cross-border Center for Dialogue of Cultures at Sportowa 28 C Street;
- parking lot at the intersection of Sobieskiego and Wąsoska Streets.

In each of these places, after turning on the WiFi network on your device, you will easily find our network and after a while you can enjoy high-speed wireless Internet without using your own transfer.

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